We have more than 12 years’ experience and we are confident to say we are professional in dehumidification solutions. We know what is needed to make the restoration work easier and faster. We started to provide high performance restoration dehumidifiers and swimming pool dehumidifiers from our business partner Suntec. We have built very close relationship for over 12 years and we will continue and strengthen the corporation in the following years.

Since we always want to explore new field and provide comprehensive humidity solution in different fields. We decided to expand our business in bigger range of indoor humidity control dehumidifiers. Then we started the corporation with LUKO in 2018 who selected the best engineering staff from the major manufacturers of dehumidifiers in China and corporate with European major dehumidifier companies to bring the top-level desiccant, ducted refrigerant and industrial dehumidifiers which are all available from Dehumidifiers Australia.  Also LUKO works in conjunction with a major German company that has specialised in passive housing for over 20 years. We are good partners with LUKO and we share experience with each other to work tightly to explore the market in Australia.

Our goal is to be professional, reliable and efficient to solve customers’ humidity problems.