Choosing The Right Size Dehumidifier

Choosing the right dehumidifier shouldn’t be a daunting task, and it isn’t with this guide. I’ll cover several popular situations where you’ll be needing a dehumidifier and showing you how to work out the appropriate size unit.

Choosing The Size For Rooms and Buildings

Or any enclosed space for that matter, be it shipping container or warehouse. All you need to know is how many cubic meters the space is. You can work this out by measuring the length, width and height and multiplying them all. For example a 12M * 12M space 2.7M high is 389M3.

As a general rule for closed spaces you can follow the graph below.

However if you’re dehumidifying a building with many rooms, as with heating and cooling you’ll need some way for the dry air to make it to the rooms. You can put a small wall mount dehumidifier like our SP500C in each room or you can install a ducted unit with a large capacity in line with existing ducting systems, which is recommended if possible. On the other hand if you have a single room where people work and want the dry air contained in that area, installing one of our wall mount SP Series Dehumidifiers is a sure for that environment.

As with heating or cooling, opening doors often will mean you may require a larger unit. Stepping up 1 model larger is usually enough to cover most situations with opening doors and lots of foot traffic.

The Right Dehumidifier For Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools put out lots of moisture due to water evaporating. Because of this you’ll require a larger unit than for a regular room the same size. If not dehumidified adequately you will get condensation on the walls and windows. This can lead to mold and eventually structural damage to the building.

Another issue some run in to on longer or larger pools is you may dry one end of the pool rooms air while the other end remains humid. In situations with longer or larger pools we recommend 2 units sitting at each end of the room. This helps catch all the moisture and even out the humidity in the room.

In small to medium sized pool areas you can use this as a rough size guide for our wall mount models.

If your temperatures are higher than 30c you may require a larger unit and consulting us is best. For larger pool installations we need to consider many more factors and larger ducted dehumidifiers. Therefor consulting us first is recommended.