Flood Restoration and Dehumidification

If your business or home has suffered flooding or water damage from either a leak or storms, you’ll want to hire a professional to remove all moisture immediately. If left untreated the building will suffer from mold, rot, plaster falling apart and many other problems.

The benefits of a dehumidifiers combined with air movers when drying the building structure are huge. When the air is dry it will suck moisture out of any surface like a big sponge, rapid and deep drying quickly.

Flood Restoration Dehumidifiers

The LGR ST600 and LGR ST1000 dehumidifiers we stock are excellent for flood restoration use. They are a highly reliable workhorses and up to any restoration task. As a bonus they feature a stackable design for easy storage.

Air Movers & Air Scrubbers

We also stock air movers which compliment the dehumidification aspect greatly. The AirMax X2700 is a powerful snail air mover which features a stackable design and 3 speeds. While the Typhoon X1000LP features a low profile stackable design and can optionally be equipt with a HEPA Filter to double as an Air Scrubber!! How good is that? The HEPA Air Scrubber removes mold spores, dust, allergens and chemicals from the air making for a much safer space and less chance of mold growth.

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