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Humidity Controlled Mobile Units

Enjoy the super manoeuvrability and user-friendly benefits of mobile dehumidifiers, available from Dehumidifiers Australia. Call us today to learn more.

Mobile Dehumidifiers

In many environments, installing a wall mounted or floor mounted dehumidifier in a fixed place can have limited effectiveness. If you want to maximize the ability to prevent air moisture damage without having to install multiple dehumidifiers, why not consider the convenient benefits of mobile dehumidifiers?

 A Wide Range of Mobile Dehumidifiers

At Dehumidifiers Australia, we boast an extensive range of fantastic mobile dehumidifiers that offer a flexible and versatile solution. Ideal for drying buildings, our LGR dehumidifiers are lightweight yet robust and can be set up with minimal effort wherever they are required. Large wheels, ergonomic handles and fixed hand grips also allow you to easily move them elsewhere at a moment’s notice. And with low energy consumption and high capacity, our portable LGR dehumidifiers are an energy efficient, cost-effective and user-friendly option for those wishing to reduce up to 40-150 litres of air moisture per day.

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