Indoor Swimming Pool Humidity Control

Humidity in your Indoor Pool

An indoor pool with a large body of warm water create a lot of moisture in the air. Also, the added moisture from swimmers is substantial. Splashing and moisture drying on their body is a contributing factor. This results in extremely high humidity levels if not kept in check. If you’ve ever been to an indoor pool that doesn’t have a dehumidifier (or lots of ventilation) you’ll know immediately. Moisture will be visible on windows and walls, visible mold growth, metal with signs of rust and a foul odor.

The hot, damp environment will deteriorate the building over time leading to structural damage and health hazards such as mold. Not to mention the general discomfort you or your customers feel from the warm humid air.

Once mold gets in to hard to reach places such as through cracks and inside walls it can become very costly to repair. Being reactive rather than preventative in this scenario can lead to costly damage.

Controlling Humidity with a Dehumidifier

For smaller indoor pools like those found in homes and hotels, installing our Suntec SP Series dehumidifier is a fantastic solution. A Dehumidifier will bring the moisture down to levels comfortable for humans and safe for the structure. Also, Mold can’t grow in a dry environment meaning health issues are eliminated too.

With our SP Series dehumidifier installed in a central location for the moisture, you’ll be able to enjoy your pool all year round in safe, dry air. Also, in a commercial environment customers are more likely to return due to good air quality and more hygienic environment.

Picking the Right Dehumidifier

The staff here at Dehumidifiers Australia are here to help you when it comes to picking the right dehumidifier for your space. We can asses your situation over the phone or if you are nearby we can conduct a site visit and select the best solution taking in to account all factors. Size of the room, shape, water temperature and ventilation all play a roll and based on these we can choose he best dehumidifier for you.

Call us today on 0447 728 037 or email at and get a free assessment and quote or use our Contact Us page.

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