LUKO FD-E Series Ducted Dehumidifier with Heat Recovery

This system combines high efficiency heat recovery with dehumidification.

It will first draw in fresh air from outdoors and direct the air to pass through the heat recovery before entering into the direct expansion dehumidification system.

The exhaust air transfers some of it’s sensible heat to the fresh air through the heat recovery before being discharged to the outside.

This is a great way to improve humid indoor air quality by introducing filtered outside air, while recovering much of the energy in the exhaust air.

Key Features

  • The body material is made of cold-rolled sheet metal with epoxy powder coating.
  • The machine is build for 24/7 operation with automatic dehumidification and ventilation.
  • Cross flow heat recovery core is made of hydrophilic coating aluminium foil with a high efficiency of 70%.
  • Low noise, high static pressure, double speed centrifugal fan, allows for fan speed adjustment.
    Air Purifying section can be integrated into the system (Medium Efficiency Filter, HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, UV Sterilising Lamp, Negative Ioniser).
  • The machine can be connected and monitored with RS485 serial port and Wi-Fi App.

Working Principle


Introduction Video

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