LUKO FD-EQ Fresh Air Energy System for Passive Housing

These units are designed specifically for use in passive housing. They bring in fresh air, dehumidify, heat, cool and purify all in one package.


The passive house optimizes the building envelope by adopting advanced energy-saving design concepts and construction techniques, greatly improving the heat insulation and airtight performance of the building, and passing the indoor exhaust gas though the high-efficiency hot (cold) recovery device of the fresh air system. The heat (cold) amount is recycled, which significantly reduces the heating and cooling needs of the building. On this basis, Passive Houses also achieve a comfortable indoor temperature, humidity and daylight environment by effectively utilizing natural ventilation, natural daylight, solar radiation, etc, to minimize the reliance on active mechanical heating or cooling systems. The purpose of building passive houses is to significantly reduce energy consumption and improve the living environment. Passive houses have abandoned the traditional coal-fired gas heating and air-conditioning cooling methods, and rely solely on passive residential environmentally-controlled fresh air energy systems to regulate indoor temperature, humidity and air quality.

  • Purify the indoor air within 10 minutes

  • Dehumidifier, Heating, Cooling, Fresh Air, HRV, Air Purifier all in one machine

  • Designed from the ground up for Passive Houses




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