LUKO FD-X Series Dehumidifier with Fresh Air

These units dehumidify and bring in fresh air from outside. They can be placed in line with existing heating/cooling systems and duct work. Optionally they can come with HEPA Air Filter and UV Lamp for air filtration and purification.

Australian Stock of FD-X60L and FD-X140L units. Please contact us below for a quote.

This system introduces partial fresh air from outdoors and mixes it with the indoor return air.

The mixed air will then pass through the first stage (G4 efficiency), second stage (F7 efficiency) air filtration in order to remove air borne particles and contaminants. The partial filtered air will then enter into the direct expansion dehumidification system to remove the excess mousture. The excess moisture in the air will then condensate and turn into water. The water will then be collected in the drain pan, where it will be pushed out with th help of positive air pressure from the processed air. The dried air will then pass through the final stage of HEPA filter to remove micron size particles and airborne bacteria.

The final output of the processed air will be dried and cleaned.


  • The body material is made of cold-rolled sheet metal with epoxy powder coating paint.
  • Built-in Centralized Fresh Air Fan with self-balancing function to exhaust excessive moisture from the indoor ambient air.
  • Evaporator and condenser are epoxy-coated for better durability and corrosion resistance. It is also washable for maintenance service.
  • Integrated with air purifying function (primary filter, secondary filter, HEPA filter, UV sterilizing lamp and negative ionizer.
  • Low maintenance cost and energy saving.
  • Fully Automatic Dehumidifying with positive pressure automatic drainage function.
  • The machine is build for 24/7 operation.
  • Advanced touch sensitive panel with intelligent controller and user friendly operation.
  • Low Noise, High Static Pressure, Double Speed Centrifugal Fan, which allow fan speed adjustment.
  • Reliable and Heavy Duty Compressor for continuous and stable operation.

Additional information can be found in this PDF.