LUKO FD-FRB Swimming Pool Dehumidifier with Heating, Cooling & Fresh Air

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Heat Pump Dehumidification


LUKO pool heat pump dehumidification system combines the functions of ventilation, dehumidification, heating, cooling and optional pool water heating.

The working principle, in short, is to recycle the evaporation heat loss of the pool water surface, transfer it into the pool water and air, make up for the heat loss of the pool water and air, and realize the function of air-conditioning and dehumidification.

The working procedures can be roughly divided into two steps:

The first step is to mix the fresh air outdoors and the warm & humid air from the pool enclosure, and then the mixed air flows through the evaporator(cooling coil). The air is cooled well below its dew point: temperature decreases and moisture removed. The water condenses on the cold surface of the evaporator and drips into the condensate drain pan. At the same time, the heat released in the process of air cooling, water vapor condensation and cooling can be absorbed by the refrigerant.

Secondly, the refrigerant is switched to the pool water heat exchange by a refrigerant diverting valve to realize the heating function of the pool water (optional), and the residual heat is returned to the air by the condenser. This brings the air back up to the pool air temperature.If the pool air and water require no heating and the space is still in need of dehumidification, the refrigerant will be switched to the air cooled condenser and the heat will be rejected to the atmosphere.The refrigerant enters the unit’s compressor, where it is compressed into a hot gas.


High strength and reliability

Panels are double-skin with injection of high density polyurethane. The outer skin is anti-corrosion color-coated steel sheet, the inner skin is galvanized steel sheet.

Outstanding cold-bridge free structure

The unit cabinet consists of panels attaching to each other by sealing strip, tightened with concealed bolts. The service door (or service panel) is plastic-steel frame with polyurethane injection panel and rubber sealing strip.

Lower air leakage rate

Double skin panel, unitary structure design, less connecting joints, multi sealing strips in the contact surfaces, around sealing service door/panel, all ensure almost total air can be supplied to the air-conditioned room. The air leakage rate is less than 0.29%. Unit will not sweat when exterior room temperature is 27°C, relative humidity is 90%.

High performance heat exchanger

Copper pipe and aluminum fin type heat exchanger, optimal choice of fin spacing and number of rows. Fins are coated with anti-corrosive layers, assure longer coil life and lower maintenance cost. Optimal water circuits design, increased heat exchanger efficiency and decreased water resistance, improving unit performance efficiency.

State-of-the-air design

The outer skin is colored steel sheet with anti-corrosion coat and is cleanable; the fastening bolts are concealed by plastic caps. The outer layer of film prevents panels from scratching during unit assembly and transport. Clean, smooth and color coordinated appearance make the look attractive.

Low noise design

Optimal fan selection, excellent working condition, efficient operation. Flexible connection at air outlet minimizes vibration transmission. Equipped with shock absorbers, decreases vibration, low noise. Tighten cabinet, secure against noise leakage.

Stable air supply fan assembly

Brand-name centrifugal fan, high performance efficiency, 3 phase, class “F” insulation and IP54 protection AC motor. Belt drive optimal selection of drive ratio, increase fan/motor assembly efficiency, easy for maintenance. Service door or service panel is equipped for inspection of motor and fan.

Improved indoor air quality

Aluminum allow frame plate type filter, stable and durable. Cover the whole return air inlet, large filter surface, higher inlet air quality. Filter can be extracted in leftward and rightward way, easy for maintenance.


Built-in with the latest AC or EC centrifugal fan technology to meet the demand for high-performance and energy efficient product. Our Centrifugal Fans are precision balanced to provide superior performance. The reduced power consumption of the high efficiency motor directly translates to savings, a new standard for energy savings and performance have been achieved.

All units are equipped with high efficiency scroll or screw compressors, with R407C, R134a, R410a or R404a to cope with environmental regulations. Refrigerant circuits are designed to ensure the durability and reliability of the machine. With a good compressor, the machine could perform efficiently and effectively to ensure energy saving and cost saving.

Our condenser is coated with a Blue Hydrophilic Coating which can easily repel water and drop into the SUS304 Stainless Steel Water Collection Pan. The coating not only anti-rust, it also triples the lifespan of the condensers too. This special coating lets you enjoy more years of reliability.

Electronic expansion valve effectively control the flow of the refrigerant, which is 2x more effective than the normal thermal expansion valve.

The fan is made of high grade hot galvanized steel sheet. It is designed to a special configuration according to aerodynamics. It is coated in order to be anti-corrosive. Fan connection is isolated from unit casing by a flflexible canvas duct mounted at fan discharge outlet. Fan and motor assembly is internally isolated from unit casing with rubber pad, furnished and installed in the factory.

Filter is aluminum alloy frame structure. Primary efficiency plate type filter is designed as standard. The structure of filters are stable and firm, high strength and intensity, washable and easy changing. Filter can be unloaded and loaded from both left and right side.

Colorful PLC touch screen controller display the operation,which enables monitoring and control of the indoor uni through a clear visual schematic of the system layout.Field connection to BMS or CCMS system are available for integration to building systems.

Safety devices are built into the refrigeration circuit to guard again stab normal unit operation:compressor overload protection, high and low pressure switches,thermal overloads protection, high discharged gas temperature switch,Suction and discharge maintenance valves.


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