Suntec Humidity Controlled Mobile Dehumidifiers

The ST and CT series that end in 01 are our Humidity Controlled Mobile models. These units are portable and able to keep humidity between 25 and 80% Relative Humidity. Once the humidity drops the level you’ve set it to, the machines will shut off to save power.

Suntec Continuous Mobile Dehumidifiers

The ST Series Mobile Dehumidifiers are our Portable Continuous range. You can set these units to run on a timer or continuously. These are best for restoration/flood work or situations where you want the humidity as low as possible for drying.

Suntec Carpet Dryer & Air Scrubbers

The Typhoon X1000LP is the latest portable low profile air mover in its class. It is designed to be deployed and used in the drying or restoration process.  It features an  interlocking design that makes it rock solid when in storage or transportation. The rugged molded handle can give you solid control when packing and unpacking lots of air movers. It has 4 stable and versatile drying positions, good enough to tackle special drying challenges.

LUKO Ducted Dehumidifiers

LUKO’s  ducted dehumidifiers are designed to be installed inside the ceiling of residential, commercial and industrial settings. They’re also suitable to duct in to containers or other storage areas. Contact us with your needs and we’ll give you a quote!